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In “Pharmacy,” Strout creates a complex story without using terribly complicated diction or syntax.  Her writing is very straightforward, yet elegant and a beautiful.  For instance, when Henry talks about his drive to work, Strout’s language puts you right into the scene and creates a very beautiful setting.  Another pro to this style is that her character, Henry, is not an overly complicated man.  Henry is seen as someone who enjoys the little things in life.  He has his routine, he ignores the complaints of his wife, and he goes about his daily life.  It is only when Denise comes into his life that we see Henry start to wonder about love and his relationship with his wife and those around him.  The style of writing still stays the same though, reflecting the thoughts and actions of Henry.  Straightforward and uncomplicated.  This benefits certain scenes, for instance the scene where Denise’s husband dies, more shocking and profound.  The language and style in this story really helps it flow and move easily while still providing depth and complex thoughts and ideas.

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